Mason Series

The Mason Series is constructed with high strength precast concrete. We manufacture these structures
using precision molds that give you a perfect shape and riding surface. Each piece is the exact same size
and shape as the Lumberjack Series, meaning you get the same amazing ride in a more
permanent aesthetically pleasing manner. The Mason Series can be used for repurposing a tennis court,
parking lot or any other pad, or it can be placed as a standalone feature with added landscaping. While it is
more difficult the Mason Series can be added to or reconfigured at a later date. The Mason Series is perfect
for any municipality or resort that is looking for a worry free progressive biking structure.

The Speed Ring is the entry level smallest possible track to build with only one possible layout. It is a …>


You will have a blast flying around the Triple Threat with its three 60 degree turns and equilateral triangle design. …>


The Sidewinder delivers turning in both directions and offers multiple layout possibilities with over 200′ of track. The Sidewinder is …>


The Mach 6 is a pumped up version of The Sidewinder containing 6 berms, over 100′ more of track and …>


The Grand Prix is the largest package we offer. Being longer than a football field yet compact enough to fit …>